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What Should Be Done First in Photoshop

Hey Everyone!
We had some amazing entries this week for the Halloween contest, it was so fun looking through your images. The winners of the contest really went above and beyond, or just flattered me.
Congrats Greg, Ted, Angela, Priscilla, & Parthov!

This week we are focusing on the fundamentals of editing, and I think these episodes are really going to help you make your images stand out. It is easy to get caught up in the details and the cool tricks you can do, but sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture.

Today we are covering what you should do when you FIRST open an image in Photoshop. These are things I have learned, and I would love to hear what you have learned helps you. We start off by putting the image into Black and White. Doing this strips a lot of visual distraction from the image, and allows you to focus on form & tone. It becomes a lot easier to see what is right and wrong with your image.

The next suggestion is to zoom way out and see what stands out to you. If you can blur your eyes, even better. This will give you a clear idea of what is distracting, and what your eyes are drawn to. If they are the right things, great! If your eyes tend to be focusing on the wrong elements of the photo, that is something we need to change.

You can also flip your image horizontally to check your composition. A good composition should look balanced any way you place the image. .

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