How to Style Hair in Photoshop


Altering a hair style in Photoshop is fun, quick, and can make a huge difference in a photo. Today we show you how to use the liquify tool to shape hair and curves adjustment layers to bring it to life. We even finish the episode off by using the pen tool to cut out the hair from the background.

Liquify Tool
Get prepped to liquify by making a stamp visible layer (Shift+Alt+Optn+E), making a selection around the area you would like to change and go to Filter – Liquify. Grab the Forward Warp Tool in the Liquify dialog and get ready to have some fun.

Using the Liquify tool is straightforward, simply click on an area of an image and drag it where you want it. Depending on your brush size you will either effect a small area or a large area. We generally suggest choosing a larger brush than you think you may need.

In this tutorial we show you how to change brush sizes as you edit and how to shape hair into something epic.

Light and Dark
In this episode we use curves to dodge and burn, adding depth to the image and giving the hair a bit more body.

Often times using a curves adjustment layer to change color will result in hair not looking natural, that is because it colors the highlights, shadows, and mid tones equally. In this case the highlights of the hair were turned red, but should remain looking more natural. To correct this color shift we grab the color from our subject’s forehead and paint it over the highlights and use Blend If to make it blend in. It is a difficult concept to explain, but the video will make it clear.

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