Trigga Designs: “Together We Stand” Photo Manipulation Speed Art


What’s up guys, trigga2295 here today to bring you my very first photo manipulation. The only difference between mine and every other GFX artists’ photo manipulation, is that I did mine in Gimp as opposed to Photoshop. Let me know what you think : ) I apologize for the quality, if you watch it in 720 or 1080 that should clear it up a bit. This took me 3 and a half hours to complete. I had to turn a 3 and a half our video into a 13 minute video, so after rendering it out twice and speeding it up twice, it lost a lot of the quality, other than that I hope you like it. If you did like this photo manipulation, then please like, favorite, and most of all subscribe!!!!!
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Songs used:
Ajapai- Incoming
Chrispy- Bulletproof Dubstep Remix
Excision- Crowd Control
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