Professional Photoshop Portrait Retouching – Part I – Adobe Camera Raw


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Welcome to Part I of the SLR Lounge Professional Photoshop Portrait Retouching Series. In this tutorial series, we are going to walk you through every single step to take a RAW image SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) and prepare the image for professional editorial reprinting.

In this tutorial series we will be doing every bit of the retouch using Photoshop’s built in features. We won’t be cutting any corners by using any “quick skin smoothing” techniques. Retouching to this extent does take quite a bit of time, around 20 — 30 minutes depending on the image. However, you will find that the process will yield a much higher quality final result.

In this video, Part I of our series, we will be making some basic develop adjustments in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and then we will bring our image into Photoshop. Enjoy!