Portrait Retouching: Start to Finish! [Adobe Lightroom 4 + Photoshop CS6]


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– Full Tutorial for this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VycYmZ3ChQ

In this video I start with a RAW file straight out of the camera and go over the entire retouching process I used for a few recent photos of my good friend. The entire retouch took roughly 20 minutes from start to end. If you would like an actual tutorial of this, let me know!

*This was my first time doing head shot photos and my first time doing a lot of the retouching techniques done within the video, so if anything look over-edited, that would be why. The photos weren’t being used for anything and just my own personal experience so I didn’t have to worry about keeping a perfectly natural look 🙂

– Equipment Used.
Camera: Canon 5D mk III
Lens: Canon 50 1.4
Shot using mostly natural light and very slight fill flash.
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