photoshop tutorial ~Photoshop Manipulation Tutorials Photo Effects ♥ Dream Girl


♥ photoshop tutorial ~Photoshop Manipulation Tutorials Photo Effects ♥ Dream Girl
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photoshop tutorials-How To Get Started With Photoshop – Manipulation Photo Effects Tutorial
photoshop tutorials are two methods of dodging and burning that I think are really solid ways of going Software Tutorial. I’m going to focus on one of those methods in this post and in my tutorial video above photoshop Software. The method I use probably 95 percent of the time is centered around curve adjustment layers. I highly recommend watching the photoshop tutorils photo effects so you can see exactly how I set this up.

I start with two curve layers Photo Effects . The first curve is set to lighten the image slightly, that’s my dodge, and the second is set to darken the image slightly, that’s my burn. I also recommend naming your layers photoshop tutorils photo effects. Even if you are trying to work quickly, taking the time to name your layers will save you the time of continually needing to check which is which. You want to make sure that the mask attached to the adjustment is completely black. If it’s white, then just simply select it and hit Command-i Adobe Photoshop (Software).

You can then use a white brush with a very low flow and a soft edge to paint in the areas you would like to dodge and burn. I usually set my flow to 2 or 3 percent with my opacity at 100 percent. I also will usually have my brush hardness somewhere between 0 and 10 percent. Take your time while working through your negative dodge and burn. Especially if you are new to this, I might even recommend turning your flow and opacity even lower so you don’t over do it.

Another tip that you can use is as you work: continually undo and redo to verify that what you are doing is in fact removing a highlight or shadow instead of creating one change background in photoshop. If done correctly it will look like the unwanted shadows and highlights are simply disappearing. I also recommend not trying to do all of your work on one dodge or burn layer. After making some progress, create a new adjustment layer and then continue to work.