Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Manipulation | Convert image into Newspaper Effect


A Photoshop tutorial on manipulation on any photo. software used Adobe Photoshop CC Version

What is it?

Photo manipulation is the act of altering a photo using computer software to improve the look, beauty and readability of the image. Frequently it’s difficult for a viewer to differentiate between a manipulated image and reality.

Who uses it?

Photo manipulation is a tool used by photographers, photojournalists, photo editors, graphic designers and others working in visual communications, communication design, visual arts, mass media, content design, page layout, and related fields.

What’s it about?

Photo manipulation creatively combines and modifies elements of a photo to produce a unique image that is convincing to a viewer. Manipulation gives a photo a realistic view of an unreal picture. The entire manipulation process is subjective.

After they are shot, many photos turn out to need small corrections, adjustments or modifications. For instance, as the result of such factors as technical characteristics of the camera or the weather or available lighting they may need perfecting or enhancing. In addition, many photos today are “photoshopped” to satisfy the imagination and creativity of a photographer.

The widely-used term photoshopped comes from the brand name of the most popular image manipulation software, Photoshop from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

What skills are needed?

Photo manipulation includes technical retouching to restore and enhance photos by adjusting colors, contrast, white balance, gradation, and sharpness, and to remove flaws that are visible on surfaces such as skin. A photo is opened in a software application where the manipulation occurs.

Creative retouching is an art form that enhances images for advertisements, fashion, beauty and art exhibits.

Image-compositing is used by the digital artist to blend multiple photos into a single composited image.

What tools are needed?

computer desktop, laptop or tablet with a software app for editing photos
digital camera that shoots still photographs
social networks for staying connected
website, blog, wiki or other content management system for publishing and sharing photographic creations

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