Photoshop CS5 Photo Editing and Photo Retouch – Photoshop Online Tutorial


In this Photoshop tutorial I show you how to do Photo Editing and Photo Retouching using a variety of tools in Photoshop CS5.

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This tutorial is just one of 327 videos in my Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial Video Set. Get all 327

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I show you:

▪ How to create professional images from scratch or existing images
▪ How to use all of the advanced adjustment tools
▪ How to create more complex multi-image compositions
▪ How to work with the new 3D features
▪ Importing and Using Video
▪ Creating Animation in Photoshop CS5
▪ How to use the automated features in Photoshop CS5
▪ How to use the advanced features in Photoshop CS5 Extended
▪ Full list of video lessons below
▪ And much, much more.

The full training set comes on 3 DVDs and covers these topics:
Intro & What’s New
Basic Photoshop CS5
Menus & Panels Overview
Adobe Bridge CS5
Working with Files
Photoshop CS5 Selection Tools
Photoshop Raster Tools
Photoshop Vector Tools
Misc. Tools
Photoshop CS5 File Menu
Edit Menu
Image Menu
Photoshop CS5 Adjustments
Photoshop CS5 Layers
Working with Type
Working with Selections
Using Photoshop CS5 Filters
Analysis Menu
Working in 3D
View Menu
Windows Menu
The Photoshop Panels
Web Graphics in Photoshop
Photoshop CS5 Video and Animation
Help Menu
Working with Color
File Types
Photoshop CS5 Actions
History Panel
Photoshop CS5 Patterns & Brushes
Photoshop Automation
Photoshop CS5 Projects

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