Photoshop CC 105: 60 Tips Every Photoshop User Should Know – 53. Retouching with Paths


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Photoshop CC 105: 60 Tips Every Photoshop User Should Know  by Dan Moughamian
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Everyone has their own special ways of using software. What makes one technique any better than the other? In this course, you get to find out by tapping into Dans many years of professional photography and Photoshop experience. Benefit as he generously shares his hard-earned insiders knowledge with you.

First, you look closely at nearly a dozen important painting tools and techniques. Next, you learn some of the most powerful ways to manipulate layers as well as many invaluable retouching tips. Quickly get into more exciting areas and have some serious fun experimenting with many of Photoshops different blend modes and layer effects. Heres where you learn to create both realistic and attractive artistic treatments of your photos!

Though it may seem basic, when it comes to image manipulation, at least half the battle is won by being able to make complex and precise selections. Thats why the next section is entirely devoted to Selections and the related area of Masking.

But wait! theres more! Dan finishes the course with a final sprinkle of some of the tastiest and most useful tidbits. Be sure to watch all the way through to squeeze every last drop of delicious Photoshop knowledge out of this nutrient-rich course Enjoy all the juiciest tips without any extra, empty calories!

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