Photoshop Before and After Comping – Retouching by Rare Digital Art


RARE Digital Art is a High End Retouching Boutique collaborating with the most discerning clientele in the industry. For 15 years the retouching team at RARE has been known for their light natural touch and unique contemporary style. In order to maintain the highest quality, we’ve kept our company small by being highly selective when accepting new clients. This has created an environment where every image is handled personally by Elizabeth Moss. Not only does a great retoucher need to have experience, they must have innate aestheticism, art appreciation, and discernment that allows them to enhance while preserving the original integrity of an image. We approach each image with the same level of respect, inspiration, and motivation that its creators have. More than just retouchers, our highly trained artists all have backgrounds in Art Direction and Photography. We’re experienced with nurturing and maintaining the well-established styles of the world’s most iconic photographers as well as helping to develop and evolve the styles of emerging artists.