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This Photoshop CC Tutorial is a Photo Retouching Tutorial in the series where I will show you how to NON Destructively create the Air brushed skin effect that you see in magazine and movie posters.

What you were learn in this Photoshop tutorial:
Creating a custom brush preset for skin retouching.
Creating a non destructive layer mask for retouching skin.
Utilizing the Surface Blur Filter o create smooth skin effect.

Start by duplicating your layer (I prefer to label mine blur).
Under Filter select Surface Blur and change your setting until you see the smooth skin you want.

Using alt, click the layer mask on your blur layer so you can no longer see the blurred skin.

With select your layer mask and a soft white brush.

In your brush presets, manipulate your brush shape until you have a thin angled soft brush instead of a circular brush.

Paint in your smooth skin with your brush avoiding areas where you want to retain detail, such as the lips, eyes, eye brows, contours of the nose etc.

Once you have completed retouching your skin as desired, you can reduce the opacity of your blur layer until you have the result you want.

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