Photography: Altering Image Size


This chapter outlines ten very basic techniques of image manipulation. Most of these procures will be used each time you work in the digital darkroom.

These techniques include: image sizing, cropping, brightness & contrast adjustments, using levels to adjust brightness and contrast, color correction, application of color modes, borders, image filters, inclusion of type into photographs, and dodging & burning to manipulate the local density of your images. For each of these tools and techniques, Brian will walk you through how best to leverage them as well as what to watch out for and what to focus upon.

This lesson will cover all sorts of things, including how to use photoshop/photo editing software, size images, adjusting image resolution, decide when to use tiff/gif/jpeg file formats, understand the meaning and implications of DPI, leverage the crop and rotate tools in Photoshop, make adjustments, alter levels and contrast and brightness, change exposure controls, implement color correction using hue/saturation/brightness controls, understand Color Balance (using both RGB vs CMYK mode), etc.

This lesson is a great overview for someone just getting started with digital photo manipulation and tools!

The darkroom is the starting point for learning the fundamentals of digital image manipulation. This lesson is excerpted from the DVD, Digital Photography: The Darkroom, which is an excellent resource for those looking to learn the fundamentals of digital image manipulation.