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Hello, my name is Patrick and I am a professional graphic design, photographer, colorful (photo & video) and image-editing software.

My main goal with this website will teach you how to create better pictures, investing as little money as possible and it all starts with the edition of photography.

Don’t have a camera lens or $3000 $1500 to take professional pictures. In fact, is the difference between a photo with an entry-level DSLR camera + kit lens and the same photo taken with Canon 5 d Mark III for example is minimal compared to the difference you’ll find professionally edited a photo in Photoshop and it wasn’t. You have Photoshop (you free trial for 30 days by the way) can dramatically improve your photos by learning how to properly correct color and degree of color.?

Then take your photos to a whole new level, if you’ve mastered the art we call the manipulation of photos, retouching and composition. By mastering these techniques, you will be able to transform your photos into digital art.

Some Web sites sell their tutorials $25 + per piece, only $5 for the tutorial, could perhaps $100 for all free, but I want to give you a much better deal! If you participate in this web site, numbers you a one-time fee of $47 $27 (limited time offer) by a membership of for life, you have access to all the tutorials. Because I can constantly add more tutorials as soon will move to a monthly fixed charge – we now secure for a lifetime membership, you have access to all future tutorials for free!

All images for the tutorials are delivered to you so that you are able to do exactly what I did. The exercises were done with Photoshop CS5, CS5 or later recommended. You can also do with CS3/CS4 much. If you want to try a newer version, Adobe offers a free 30 day trial. Please note that if you have Photoshop elements, you can certainly learn a lot with my tutorials but you know that most of the color correction, is carried out what do I do with items not available options.

And if this website and have up to this point, because you’re a motivated artist who wants to improve and give account you need to fully develop their talent, the experience you might lack put it completely.

All the ways you learn your photos and images to edit, who finally learns the correct techniques of drawings. Until the person was interesting doodle, do, now he / she to create works of art. The talent was there, but was not fully exploited. And if you then learn the correct methods, it is the same with digital art and photo editing, could not unleash the creativity in you, express themselves entirely on.

What you will find on this page is just the beginning, a glimpse of what reaches them. Join this site and practice what I’ll teach you, I am convinced that can become a photo/image processing expert. You may doubt their potential at the beginning, but I assure you, that after surprise me a couple of times with better expected results, your confidence grows and to believe in its true potential.

Composition is a procedure very useful, which consist of a combination of Visual elements in a single image sources – is a process that is used for many purposes, but is especially useful for the creation of a Fund of fantasy for your model/character/scene. Composition is a tool, that want to spice up your images to have in your Toolbox.

In this tutorial Photoshop composition a city in flames is crumbling buildings to create, that served as a backdrop for my post apocalyptic scene and then turn people into zombies, cannibals, see photo manipulation, in the foreground. Click on the link below to learn more.

It is important to have goals and that is why they are here, if goals (photography, digital artist), paraphrasing the great Jim Rohn, obtain the knowledge required to take the class would be valuable. These are personal goals (mania), slide, know it and be what you want to be.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with my training tutorials, offer a 60 day, no questions asked, money z