Learn Adobe Photoshop – What can you do with Photoshop?

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What Can You Do with Photoshop?

Photoshop can be used in photography, illustration and web design. Gene and Justin will guide you through this course and show you the many facets of the program.


Photoshop is more than just a tool for photographers. It allows users to use tools and blend effects to achieve results that can be described as a mix between digital painting and photography. Here is a quick run down that briefly explains some of the things that Photoshop can achieve.
Photo retouching and image enhancement: the image on the left has been retouched and enhanced to create the image on the right.Image manipulation: the people near the water have been removed and the colors have been brightened slightly.Color correction: the home video image on the left is tinted yellow, so Photoshop was used to give a more proper skin tone to the subject and to alter the background.Image restoration: the photographs on the left sides have been restored and color corrected to become the images on the right sides.Digital matte painting: a combination of painting and photography, mixing photographic elements and paint. This technique is typically used in movies to enhance backgrounds.


Logos, web pages and even fashion can be designed with Photoshop. Concepts can be created to allow users to view potential prototypes for many different types of ideas. Photoshop is generally used to create concepts, the preliminary drawings to be used for pre-production purposes.

The next step after concept design is illustration, which can also take several forms such as book and magazine covers. Illustration would be concept design taken an extra step further and completed, with the finished draft going to print. 

Photoshop is also heavily used for web design. Every aspect of a web page from layout to images to buttons and icons cropped and/or entirely made in Photoshop can be completed with the program.

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