How to Use Layers in Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

In this tutorial you can learn How to Use Layers in Photoshop CS6 by Adobe TV Experts.

This tutorial No.4 contain following episodes:

1. Exploring layer basics:
In this episode author discusses the features and abilities of layers in Photoshop. She covers renaming layers, toggling between layers, converting layers to Smart Objects, deleting layers, changing the opacity of a layer, and saving a layered image.

2. Aligning Image Layers:
Most designers equate aligning objects with applications such as Adobe Illustrator; however, Photoshop has its own alignment feature that allows the user to align image information quickly and precisely.

3. Backgrounds vs Layers:
Ever have a problem moving a layer… Or just being able to create transparency. The chances are you’re not on a layer; you’re on the Background. Let Infinite Skills author, explain the difference between backgrounds and layers.

4. Merging Layers:
Got too many layers? Want to make one layer out of three… or more? Then merging is what you need. Let Infinite Skills author, show you how to merge layers, and what happens after you do.

5. Blending Modes 101:
Blending modes are one of the most creative areas in Photoshop. Let Infinite Skills author, take you on a tour of this amazing area in Adobe Photoshop.

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