How to Get Started with Photoshop CS6 – Tutorial for Beginners (Part 1)


In this video tutorial you can learn how to get started with Photoshop CS6 and CC, How to work with it, and how to use properly its capabilities by Adobe TV Experts.
This is a complete video tutorial for beginners, step-by-step.

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Presented video tutorial (part 1) contains following episodes:

1. The Photoshop workspace;
2. Organizing Photoshop Panels;
3. Creating User-Generated Workspace;
4. Preset migration and sharing;
5. Background save and Auto-recover;
6. Changing the Photoshop view;
7. Working with the Zoom tool;
8. What is Adobe Bridge CS6?
9. Bridge 101;
10. Adjusting Bridge Workspace;
11. Layers 101;
12. Exploring layer basics;
13. Aligning Image Layers;
14. Backgrounds vs Layers;
15. Merging Layers;
16. Blending Modes 101;
17. Fixing problems automatically;
18. Auto Corrections;
19. The Power of Adjustment Layers;
20. Using Adjustment Layers: A Basic Workflow;
21. Levels 101;
22. Dodge – Burn and Sponge 101;
23. Working with Dodge and Burn;

The next part (2) of the tutorial, you can see on this link:

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