“Easter” Step by Step Photomanipulation Tutorial


— Step by Step explanation —
– Photomanipulation Tutorial for Photoshop –

x Eggs by sarahharas1.deviantart.com http://fav.me/d782kyy
x Bunny by miguel-santos.deviantart.com http://fav.me/d72nxu0
x Clouds by kuschelirmel-stock.deviantart.com http://fav.me/d79j1ux
If you upload your version don’t forget to notify & credit the stockers + please also leave a comment below, I’m always curious!

Brushes can be found here http://fav.me/d7at0o3
(not really necessary to follow – no tablet necessary either)

Quick Finder:
01:08 different cutting techniques (Layer Masks, Vector Masks, Pen Tool, Refine Mask Tool, Quick Selection Tool)
19:58 basic lighting techniques (blend modes, gradients)
27:00 basic glow

(c) Jasmin Junger | kuschelirmel.deviantart.com | kuschelirmel-stock.deviantart.com