Advanced Features of Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

In this video tutorial you can learn About Advanced Features of Photoshop CS6 by Adobe TV Experts.

This video tutorial No.12 contain following episodes:

● Understanding pixels:
◦ Pixels are the building blocks of images and in this lesson you’ll learn about their basic properties and how they function.

● Understanding resolution:
◦ Resolution is a fundamental concept in Photoshop. This lesson will help you avoid getting thrown for a loop when you go to print your image or save it for the web.

● Alpha Channels:
◦ This episode shows you how to convert a mask to an alpha channel. This enables you to embed transparency within an image so that it can be read by other applications.

● Starting in Camera Raw instead of Photoshop:
◦ In this episode author explains the top five reasons why you should use Adobe Camera Raw to process your files instead of starting directly in Photoshop.

● Making a Collage:
◦ In this lesson you’ll combine multiple documents and use the tools and techniques you’ve learned about so far to make a multi-layered collage.

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