Adobe Photoshop Tutorials CS6 How to Magical Forest vibrant colors contrast fairytale retouching

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This Tutorials difficulty rating is: HARD mostly due to length and refined decision making needed.

This tutorial is a walk through of an entire image edit I do from start to finish. If you have an image with a model and outdoor environment this tutorial will teach you a brilliant way to spice it up with a more fairytale approach. Follow along through my steps to enhance your own image. While this tutorial will be a bit more difficult I won’t discourage beginners from giving it a shot, you will learn a ton about Photoshop. =) I don’t often use layers in my edits as a personal choice, feel free to use layers as often as you like while doing your own edit. =) If you are unfamiliar with Photoshop layers and masks I would highly recommend taking a moment before watching this video to watch a tutorial on the subject. Many people use them so that they can correct issues later in their edits.

Tools I used for this video:
Image: Adjustments: Shadows and Highlights
Image: Adjustments: Hue and Saturation
Image: Adjustments: Selective Color
Image: Adjustments: Brightness and Contrast
Tool Bar: History Brush
Tool Bar: Content Aware Heal Brush
Tool Bar: Dodge Tool
Tool Bar: Burn Tool
Select: Color Range
Tool Bar: Color Palette
Image: Adjustments: Color Balance
Filter: Sharpen: Smart Sharpen
Filter: Blur: Gaussian Blur


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I am a photographer/retoucher and dressmaker living in Portland, OR. I have a passion for fairytale, fantasy, and mythical aesthetics and want to help others find that touch in their works as well! Outside of the arts, I have a love of natural sciences and the outdoors in general. With these passions combined, I like to take my shoots and projects to the great outdoors.

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