Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw Basics Tutorial

523 Learn the Basics of Adobe Camera Raw in this Tutorial. Photoshop Camera Raw is a great way to do Photo Retouching without over manipulating an image. Camera Raw Retouching in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom is preferred by Photographers as opposed to traditional retouching in Photoshop.

Part of the reason for this is that Photoshop is an “image manipulation tool”. It provides the ability to completely rebuild or distort an image, losing its original context. Also the Photo Retouching industry has come under scrutiny for “over-photoshopping” images. Tools like Lightroom and Camera Raw avoid this by focusing on merely enhancing what is already in photograph and allowing for minor blemish removal.

In this tutorial we will do a walk through of the basic tools in Adobe Camera Raw and how to use them to enhance a real typical photograph that anyone may need to work on. We will cover, exposure, tonal range, color correction, sharpening, blemish removal and contrast.