#AdobeRemix with GMUNK

We invited design director Bradley G. Munkowitz (a.k.a. GMUNK) to reimagine our logo, and he definitely brought his munkoStylez to it. GMUNK and his crew at VT Pro Design played with lasers, LEDs and optical and infrared light sources and its properties in the making 4 different Adobe Remix logos. Go behind the making of each: http://adobe.ly/GMUNK.

Production Company: VT Pro Design
Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Design Directors: Bradley G Munkowitz, Michael Fullman
Technical Director: Michael Fullman
Director of Photography: Kevin Gosselin, Joe Picard
Process Photography: Sam Cividanis, Christian Bruno
Editor: Bradley G Munkowitz
Process Editor: Sam Cividanis
Colorist: Prince Wesley Hare
Flame: James MacLachan

Category: Adobe
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