DSLR Video Editing for Photographers – Pt. 5


In the final installment of this series, Adobe Worldwide Evangelist Jason Levine takes you through the process of exporting/rendering your DSLR video/stills creations using the 64-bit Adobe Media Encoder. He’ll talk about some of the most common formats for going to mobile devices, iPods, blu-ray discs as well as common formats for Web delivery. You’ll learn about background rendering and the ability to ‘queue’ multiple versions of your video edits. Also featured: using *presets* in the Media Encoder for your favorite destinations (like YouTube, Vimeo, HDTV, etc)

This is Part 5, “Show Me The Money – Exporting to Web, Mobile & Blu-ray Discs”

Download CS5: http://bit.ly/TryCS5_Ev