DSLR Slow Motion in Premiere Pro CS5/After Effects CS5

This brief video showcases several different native methods of slow motion in Premiere Pro CS5 and After Effects CS5.

Time Warp (in both Pixel Motion and Whole Frame), Frame Blend Time Remapping (directly in a Premiere Pro sequence) and ’60 as 24 frame Interpretation’ methods were all used. The latter (interpret as…) was a tip by my pal and colleague Karl Soule.

In short, the differences between the various ‘flavours’ are quite dramatic in some spots. The key here is that though there aren’t any extreme motion elements, the results are even more telling with the subtle movements. The premise was to use the same ‘speed’ in each clip, which was effectively playing back at 30% speed (ie, about 1/3 real-time). Minimal grading was done on the clips (first clip is Magic Bullet, others are 32-bit Fast Color in Premiere), and the waterfall shots are straight from the lens…no grading!

All shots captured at 1/60, F10 *except* the very first (which was actually F14). It was 110f and so damn sunny, I could barely see…but the Zacuto Z-Finder 2.5x was my absolute SAVIOR!

Camera: Canon 7D at 60fps (1280x720p)
Lens: Canon EFS 18-135 w/ND filter
Computer: MacBookPro COREi7, 8GB
Music by: Jason Levine and Fred Fung entitled, “Peak Dark Blip Clave” (c)(p) 2005 BoodahJooMusic (BMI)

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