Adobe Creative Jam in Tokyo


The first Creative Jam in Japan took place in Tokyo in July 2015. As part of a unique, two-part (creation and presentation) design experience 8 teams of 2 competed against each other to execute a visual or motion design concept based on a theme revealed at the event. In parallel with Creative Jamming part, we will also have exciting 3 Creative Talk speakers: Tetsuya Chihara, Takaya Sakano and Jun Tamukai. Discover the creations on our Behance page: Check if a Creative Jam is coming to your city on our website:

『Creative Jams』とは「Creation( 作る) + Presentation( 発表)」の二部構成に分かれ、当日発表されるテーマにそってルールなしの3時間で ”Jamming ( 即興パフォーマンス)” しながら、各チームの表現を競い合うクリエターのためのクリエイティヴセッション・イベントです。

Credits for the video
Production:Creative Hub Swimmy(
Producer:Ryoichiro Honma/Hatch Inc.(
Production Manager:Daichi Ito
Directer:Go Inagaki
Cinematographer:John Kobayashi
Music:Shuta Hasunuma
Supported by BENCH